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I Can't Sleep

I Can't Sleep Cover Art

Joe's a screenwriter facing a deadline for a horror script. Joe is a mess. His wife just left him and he can't stop thinking about her until he works through some horrors of his own.


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Soundtrack for
A short film Directed by David C. Daniel.

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Carbon Harbor

Carbon Harbor Cover Complete

The time is the mid 1980s. A body is found floating in the bay of Carbon Harbor, a small, sleepy, seaside hideaway on the West coast. The town's ghostly remains are all that's left of what once was a rugged and lively oil exporting port in the mid-twentieth century.

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Bryrock's Garage Band

Bryrock Gas Mask

Makin' some of my old stuff new again, with Apple's GarageBand.

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Geons (front cover)

"The Universe is a dangerous and amoral place." Paul F. Rose

The history of Earth in sound.

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Radio Moon Dream

Radio Moon Dream Album Cover

This album was created in 1987 using a Mac 512K with "Deluxe Music Construction Kit" + Arp 2600 + a Shortwave Radio. Portions of the album were premiered publicly as the musical soundtrack for a Japan travelogue presentation at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the Summer of 1987.

Oblique Strategies

Mechanicalize Something Idiosyncratic

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Track 18: Your World Not Mine

Howard Chair #1

Yes. It is that kind of movie.

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