Need a Soundtrack?

Facebook Bryrock May 2011

If you have a feature, a short or even just a life in need of a soundtrack, I can help.

For starters, the tracks available on this site are available for non-exclusive licensing for your film or video project. This consists of Master Use and Synchronization licenses, which together create an agreement that allows you to use the music as long as it is integrated into your project, but not for other uses such as stand-alone performance, broadcast or as part of a soundtrack album or other compilations. I reserve the rights for those uses.

Specific terms and costs vary, and I emphasize again that these are non-exclusive licenses, as many of the tracks on this site have already been used for soundtracks.

If you are interested in an exclusive and completely original soundtrack for your project alone, we can discuss that as well. My willingness to work with you will be based on how well you know your project and what you want, how far along your project is towards completion, what you intend to do with it and who will see it when it is finished.

Again, specific terms would vary, based on how much work would be involved, how quickly it had to be done, and who would own the rights to the completed product.

Creating original music is indeed enjoyable, but it's also hard work. If you're someone who believes all music should be available to anyone for free, then have a nice day.

If you would like free music in return for "exposure," that's possible, but it will all depend on who you are and how much exposure I think I would benefit from working with you.

If you would like and have a budget for some original music, then I'd love to see what kind of an agreement we might reach.