Carbon Harbor

Carbon Harbor Cover Complete

The time is the mid 1980s. A body is found floating in the bay of Carbon Harbor, a small, sleepy, seaside hideaway on the West coast. The town's ghostly remains are all that's left of what once was a rugged and lively oil exporting port in the mid-twentieth century.

It appears to be murder, and Sheriff Chic Kitchell is on the case, but soon he also discovers the bleakest chapter in the town's history. This had happened once before, on the eve America's entry into World War II, and an innocent man was made to pay for the crime.

Those who knew he was innocent had an even bigger secret worth keeping: Carbon Harbor had continued to export oil to Japan, well into 1941, in violation of FDR's embargo. The last Japanese oiler seen fueling in port was the Kyokuto Maru. It was also Japan's flagship oiler at Pearl Harbor.



Great album!

Great album!