Track 03: HADEAN from a Safe Distance

HADEAN - Life Magazine Cover (The World We Live In)

HADEAN is the oldest eon in Earth history. To start with the history of Earth you need to go back to the beginning of the Sun and the Solar System.

GEONS Time ChartGEONS Time ChartThis track actually combines both the HADEAN and ARCHEAN Eras or, roughly, the first 2 billion or so years of our planet. Hadean was a time of collisions, explosions, radioactivity, heat and steam. Or, if you will, like Hell. Of course, you can’t actually hear sounds in space, but what if you could? What would it have been like to listen to the planet being forged in a chaotic caldron of colliding gas and debris and the fire of volcanic explosions. It would have seemed very doubtful that this place could be one that anyone or anything would possibly ever call home. Two billion years of waiting for the pounding to stop, and for the steam to condense into a great ocean.

Songwriter / Composer: 
Bryan Lewellen
Raindear Music